Lucy Petrescu is an emerging Romanian artist, working with media such as pencil, pastels, and ink on paper. Her preferred technique is fine pointillism. She employs formal elements of design to create abstract drawings, in which she often combines geometric and organic elements in a futuristic manner.

Her artistic process is a form of meditation in which art becomes a spontaneous expression of her inner world. She explores subjects such as the subconscious, the self, the spiritual and spiritual symbolism. But no matter what concept, stance, or emotional experience she conveys in her artwork, her underlying message is that only through constant defiance of established conventions, and with a mind unencumbered by old patterns, can we start anew, towards progress.



2015 Solo exhibition – “Colors of The Unseen”, Signum Art Gallery, Bucharest, Romania
2013 Group exhibition – “Spring’s Gifts”, Elite Prof Art, Bucharest, Romania