The Colors of The Unseen

Exhibition: “Colors of The Unseen”

By Voicu Dragomir, Curator Signum Gallery


Colors of The Unseen-poster

“The Colors of The Unseen” is a spiritual journey, a contemplation on the nature of consciousness and reality. But whether or not anything about the transcendental could ever be truly gleaned, one thing Lucy Petrescu can say with certainty: that every line, dot, and shape that she drew ultimately got her closer to her deeper self. And maybe that is exactly what every spiritual revelation is: not a glimpse of the ultimate truth, of the metaphysical, but of our own minds and souls.

For Lucy Petrescu the artistic process is a form of meditation in which art is a spontaneous expression of the true self. In order to reach that, she is adamant in refusing to look to the past. She believes that only by defying established conventions, and with a mind unencumbered by old patterns one can start anew, towards progress, and towards discovering one’s higher self. And she believes that this is the spiritual duty of every artist: to disobey authority and canon, and find a new path; not for the sake of novelty, but in the name of authenticity.  Undoubtedly, this is why her style is so hard to define and pinpoint.

Lucy Petrescu’s artwork has a powerful futuristic streak, sometimes because of the chosen subject, and almost always because of her style. In fact, many times the latter takes a life of its own and dictates the former. Using formal elements of design, and with a painstakingly attention to detail, she creates rhythmic, organic patterns and curves, fluidity which, every now and then, is disrupted by geometric angularity and strong color contrast.

Lucy Petrescu’s art is gripping; it shakes the viewer from his slumber and challenges him. And once he picks up the gauntlet, he finds himself captivated and amazed, only to realize that every drawing is a journey within a journey.